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At EmpoweredPAs, we encourage professional growth and empowering PAs to succeed in all stages of their profession. Check out the EmpoweredPAs Articles to find some great articles about other PAs, evidence-based practice, PA Leadership and so many other topics. Look around, there are plenty of PA Resources for each phase of your career. There are some great articles and posts coming soon, so check back later or follow us on social media links below, sign up to our email list.  To learn more, check out about me.

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What Political Issues Are Physician Assistants Facing?

What Political Issues Are Physician Assistants Facing?

What PAs Need to Know: An Update from the March 2019 AAPA Leadership Advocacy Summit in Washington DC Do you...

Why PAs Should Prioritize Self-Care

Why PAs Should Prioritize Self-Care

PAs should be living a life with intention and balance Courtney Titus, MPAS, PA-C, EMT-P I have to be honest,...

PA Apathy: Why Voting for PA Leaders Matters

Physician Assistants often work very hard to become the amazing clinicians they are, yet statistically, only a fraction are involved...

Brie Marks, Neurology Physician Assistant 1

A Day in the Life of a Neurology PA: Brie Marks, PA-C

There are many specialties a physician assistant can work in, and today we are highlighting the field of inpatient neurology!...

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