Free Pre-PA Resources

Getting into PA school can be tough.

There are SO MANY things Pre-Physician Associate (PA) students need to do to be ready to apply to the Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) and lately, I’ve seen SO MANY people offering their services to Pre-PAs.. at a pretty significant cost!

My friend, Harrison Reed is a PA who has been pretty vocal about making sure to keep resources FREE so that ALL Pre-PAs have equal opportunities. He is an excellent example of an EmpoweredPA and has put together a fantastic series of videos on his Instagram Page and I wanted to share them with the EmpoweredPAs tribe!

If you’ve followed me for some time, you KNOW he’s my go-to guy for anything about writing/publication OR PA school admissions topics. He has an impressive CV, and though I won’t reiterate ALL of it, I will summarize. He is currently an Assistant Professor at George Washington University and also works clinically as a Critical Care PA-C. He has a passion for writing and served as Associate Editor, acting Editor in Chief, and is currently a Clinical Editor for the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (JAAPA), a peer-reviewed PA Journal he also contributes to and truly has written some of my very FAVORITE articles. He has an excellent blog you should check out called The Contralateral (my favorites are his articles on humanities.. check out “Say Goodnight” for a glimpse of what it’s like to be a PA in critical care medicine). *Most* importantly, his bachelor’s degree is from the University of South Florida, which is also my alma mater (go bulls!).

He also collaborates with other fantastic PAs for a few of these videos! You may recognize Kris Maday from a PA Leadership Series article a few years back! Kris wears many hats but notably is the program director at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center PA Program and is the host of the PAINE podcast. Janelle Bludorn is another amazing PA who has a laundry list of impressive work and is currently a core PA faculty member at the University of North Carolina’s PA Program, and is also the co-creator/co-host of the Airwaves and Educators Podcast.

Personal Statement Workshop

Hands down my MOST RECOMMENDED video for Pre-PA students!

PA School Admissions & Interviews

I think what I like about all of these videos is that they highlight the variety of answers to the same types of questions. Every PA program is different, every PA who is involved in the PA Program admissions process will have their own unique spin on what they are looking for! I encourage Pre-PAs to spend the time and watch every single one of these videos!


I am so thankful for PAs like Harrison (and Janelle,Kris, and Annie) who give their time and attention to creating free content for Pre-PAs! There are many barriers for students interested in becoming a PA, but WE can be the change by helping those students and providing the resources they need to succeed. If you want to see more Pre-PA articles and resources check out our Pre-PAs page or attend one of our FREE monthly Virtual Shadowing events!


Physician Assistant, Owner and Blogger at EmpoweredPAs.com. Currently practicing in a Pediatric Emergency Department, overseeing and developing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines with teams of amazing people, supporting and mentoring Pre-PA and PA Students, with a hope to advance our profession and give PAs the tools and resouces they need to advance their careers.