PAs Don’t Have to Feel “Stuck”

Yes, I said it! There was a time when I actually believed being a PA meant being relegated to the bedside and that I could not pursue other interests.

At one point in time, I was so frustrated, I felt powerless to change my situation and also underprepared to negotiate for a new salary in hope of improving my circumstances. Eventually, I figured out that PAs have infinite nonclinical opportunities out there, and that our degree actually opens many, many doors.

Of course, it took me YEARS of being burned out to figure this out. I was sick of working hard and felt defeated at the situation I was in. I started looking for PAs who held administrative roles and could not find anything out there. I needed direction, someone to talk to, someone who understood where I came from but could help point me in the right direction. This, of course, never came, and I did eventually figure it out on my own. 

When I first connected with Kasey, my first thought was “I wish her services were available when I was looking”. Not only can her team help you learn HOW to negotiate to improve your work conditions, but her Life Coaching skills can help you figure out what your career goals are and how you can take ACTION to get there.

What Types of Services Do They Offer?


  • Professional goal-focused consultants for new grads, experienced providers, and medical practice owners
  • Develop custom strategy for negotiation and mediation conversations

Career Coaching Services:

  • Private One on One Coaching for career acceleration or transition
  • Single Sessions or packages   “Ignite Your Life” 3 pack, “Change Your Life” 6 pack, and “Elevate Your Life” 12 pack  for those who want to achieve maximum success
  • 4 week Life and Career Masterclasses

Watch the CPAC/Empowered Webinar for Pre-PAs:


Kasey  works in collaboration with her colleague (and fellow PA-C) Katherine, to provide consulting services for PAs, Physicians who hire PAs and everything in between. They have a unique business background as they have both been practice administrators and can view the employer or business from the clinical aspect as well as considering the financial perspective.

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In addition to being a certified life coach, their masterclass helps teach PAs about negotiation skills and should get PAs on the right track.

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What are PAs saying?

  • I recently consulted with Kasey and Katherine regarding a restructuring of my compensation model at work. The consultation I had was very well structured, efficient, and provided me with some helpful data, tips, and negotiating points. I would definitely recommend them if you are going through a challenging workplace negotiation. They are a great service to our PA profession!!"
    Susan, PA-CDermatology
  • "It was a really educational experience! They were absolutely great not only in answering our questions but explaining policy, industry standards, realistic expectations and supportive guidance in terms of approaching any contract changes in a respectful and idealistic fashion. Great service, would absolutely highly recommend and use again in the future should it be needed."
    Michele PA-CDermatology
  • "The life coaching sessions were extremely helpful with Kasey. I felt very overwhelmed and unsure of things when I first started, but now feel I am able to tackle the challenges that come with my job. I also feel I have a better mind set and ways to be positive in life. I can't thank her enough!"

This program was MADE for PAs who want to take matters into their own hands! Annual salary coming up? Change in your clinic or practice ownership? Having trouble proving your value to your employer? This Masterclass has you covered!

Want More Info?

Use the code “Empowered10” for 10% off services!