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  • RESCHEDULE to June 26th at 3pm EST!
  • “Becky & Me: A Pre-PAs Guide to Surviving CASPA” Join Becky (our favorite Pre-PA) as she shares her experience applying, helpful tips and tricks when navigating the CASPA Application! She even has a FREE CASPA Checklist for those who attend!


  • June 30th we have TWO Support Groups for our members on Patreon! Chris and Becky will be there to support you!
    • 8pm Eastern: Tiers 2&3 members get access to these monthly student support groups and ALL previously recorded events and certificates. Review CASPA PA School applications, go over personal statements, practice interview questions and more! Register as a Tier 2 member for $5/m HERE
    • 9pm Eastern: Tier 3 members get an EXCLUSIVE monthly check-in with a PA as a follow up to the hour long one on one sessions Register as a Tier 3 Patreon member for HERE (limited availability)

We are your EMPOWERED PAS team! We are here to support PAs throughout every stage of their career!

Courtney Titus, PA-C – founder, event host, blogger, occasional podcaster, and queen of PAs who want to pivot their careers

Becky Popiel, Pre-PA– blogger, event management and host, and keeps us PAs in line

Christopher Watson, PA-C– blogger, podcaster, video king, event host, leadership guru and military medicine man

Jono Lippman PA-C– interim virtual shadowing events host, entrepreneur and PA student hype guy

What’s Virtual Shadowing Like?

Future PA Student Support Group Sessions

Physician Assistant, Physician Associate

Every month we host casual “group mentorship” type sessions for Pre-PAs (and PA students too!). It is much more casual, and a place to get YOUR QUESTIONS answered, have your PERSONAL STATEMENT reviewed by peers, and PRACTICE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS!

It’s one hour long and we discuss ANY topic related to the PA profession. We usually talk about life as a PA in pediatric emergency medicine, PA school applications, working in non-clinical roles, PA advocacy, life as a PA student and I answer YOUR questions directly! At $5 a month, it’s a pretty inexpensive way to get one on one mentorship and support the cost of our virtual shadowing events!

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About Our Virtual Shadowing Events:

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Virtual Shadow July 2020
You can watch replays of past events on our Patreon page.

We are happy to have hosted several virtual shadowing events! Some are Pediatric Emergency Medicine, others are They are great for Pre-PAs looking for shadow hours OR Practing PAs who are interested in switching specialties.

  • The presentation is usually 1-1.5 hours hour long, with 30 minutes after for questions
  • Review what it is like to work as a PA in the specialty, then go over one case review
  • These events fill up FAST. Registration does not guarantee a seat, but means the link will be emailed the day of. If you REALLY want a guaranteed seat (honest- it’s not necessary most of the time) you can join Patreon as a Tier 3 member.
  • We do have a certificate of completion and replays (see below) available at Patreon.com/EmpoweredPAs. The small $2 a month fee helps pay for the cost to run these events!

Replays and Certificate of Completion Available on Patreon:

All replays of our monthly virtual shadowing events and Q&A sessions are available on Patreon! The cost is $2 a month, and you’ll get full access to recordings of all our videos (and can print or save a certificate of completion). We currently have several events posted for viewing including two pediatric emergency medicine virtual shadowing events, and a Q&A session. The cost helps support the monthly cost of the platform! If you just want to donate once, then consider donating through paypal HERE. (If every person who registered for the last event donated $3, the cost of the platform would have been covered for the entire year!). If I don’t have enough people helping cover the cost of these events, sadly, they would have to be discontinued- which I definitely DON’T WANT. Please consider joining our Patreon community or making a tiny donation on Paypal!

WATCH: 15 Tips to Get Into PA School and Land Your First Dream Job with Kasey D’Amato, PA-C

I was super excited to collaborate with Kasey and the CPAC team on this event! Kasey wears many hats, but one of my favorites is as a PA entrepreneur (see her PA leadership interview here). Her company Certified Physician Assistant Consulting has helped so many PAs find their way through salary negotiations, professional conflict resolution and career coaching. She has been an amazing supporter of EmpoweredPAs and I’m thankful she offered to host this event! I answered some of the most common questions I have been asked about getting into PA school, how to face the challenges during the pandemic and how YOU can become an “Empowered” Pre-PA (see what I did there). You can view the event here:

About Our PA Webinars:

We will post more events as we go, for now you can use the link below to sign up for our newsletter and be notified of future webinars!

  • Topics can vary, but will be a presentation or interviews with PAs in various roles including nonclinical PA roles, social topics, leadership, advocacy, doctoral degrees, health and wellness for PAs, the list will go on!

You can watch replays of past events on our Patreon page!