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PA Nonclincal Roles- Physician Assistant Entreprenuers


Did you know many PAs (Physician Assistant/Associates) are entrepreneurs? As you might recall a few weeks ago we posted about Nonclinical Roles for PAs– and today we want to focus on PA Entrepreneurs! I asked some of my FAVORITE PAs who own their own businesses- some are directly related to clinical practice, others are how they used their degree as a PA to create a business! I asked them to tell us a little bit about what they do, why they got into it, and what the pros and the cons are.

HUGE thank you to those PAs who contributed to this video! If you want to learn more about them or find their website, scroll down, some of them even gave me a discount code to share with you too* . What questions do YOU have about PAs in these roles? I LOVE talking about this stuff, so if you have questions or want to learn more, post a comment!

*there are a few affiliate links, so if you use our code EmpoweredPAs gets a small commission fee

I hope these mini-interviews inspire you to consider becoming a PA Entrepreneur yourself! This is one of those topics I could go on ALL DAY ABOUT. The degree we get in PA School is incredibly versatile, there is literally NO LIMIT to what you can do with it. If you are a practicing PA (or a future PA) and looking for more information about PAs in Nonclinical Roles:

Resources (and discount codes!)

Jennifer Boyd, PA-C
Pediatric Urgent Care Telemedicine & House Calls
House Calls For Kids

Sam Ngo, PA-C
Digital Content Creator, Consultant & Investor
Your PA Mentor

Tiffani Botts, PA-C
Medical Spa Owner

Kristin Burton, PA-C
Financial Coaching
Strive Coaching
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Kathryn Werner, PA-C
Telepsychiatry Practice
White Pine Mental Health & Wellness

Shefaly Ravula, PA-C
Lifestyle & Functional Medicine
Precision Metabolic Health

Lara Fransisco, PA-C
Medical Apparel
Get 20% off Scrubs or Lab Coats “TITUSPAC20”

Jono Lippman, PA-C
Medical & Clinical Notebooks
Quill Notebooks
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Kasey D’Amato
Executive Career Coach, Business Consultant & Investor
Certified PA Consulting
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John Bielinski, PA-C
CME Educator, Speaker, Leadership Training
CME4Life, americanmedicalseminars.com, Dale Carnegie SW FL, TalkEM Podcast
Dale Carnegie Southwest Florida

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