Different Roles For PAs in a Nonclinical Setting

Did you know that PAs (Physician Assistants/Physician Associates) are VERY well suited to work in roles outside of bedside clinical patient care? My friend and PA colleague, Michelle and I talk about it all the time. She works as an MSL (go check her article on the topic HERE) and I work in Patient Safety and Quality (which I talk about in Part 1). When we recently discussed, she mentioned maybe creating a few videos to help introduce the idea and has been gracious enough to create these videos for you all! So HUGE thank you to her – PLEASE say thank you to her on Michelle’s Instagram if you enjoyed them!

What are the Different Nonclinical Roles PAs Can Hold?

While PAs are trained in clinical medicine, after getting some experience, some choose to move away from the bedside. Of course, this isn’t for everyone but many have found it can be a path to leadership, a solution to clinical burnout or just better financially or regarding their personal schedules.

Keep in mind, these are VERY quick little highlights but a great introduction to just some of the possibilities that are out there for PAs. I also want to give a BIG thanks to those who contributed their time to this project:

Part 1

  • Vicky Pittman, PA-C – Senior Medical Educator, Hippo Education
  • Courtney Titus, PA-C – Patient Safety and Quality Clinical Pathways Program Coordinator
  • Janelle Bludorn, PA-C – Assistant Professor, Duke University PA Program
  • Abby Jacobson, PA-C – Medical Director, Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Michelle Lim, PA-C – Senior Medical Science Liason, Pharmaceutical Industry

Part 2

  • Christy Delcamp, PA-C – Sub Investigator, Clinical Research Facility
  • Jean Kelly, PA-C – Sub Investigator, Rochester Clinical Research
  • Sarah Geno, PA-C – Sub Investigator, Rochester Clinical Research

Other resources mentioned in the videos:

How to start working in the world of clinical trials: TheClinicalTrialsGuru.com

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals: acrpnet.org

Want to learn more?

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