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Being a PA Student is hard! Finding great articles and resources should not be! Bookmark this page if you are looking for study tactics, what to expect in your clinical rotations, how to navigate the OSCEs and so much more! There are some highly recommended PA Student books listed or check out some of the great articles posted. Follow us on social media links below, or subscribe to our monthly newsletter for updates.

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Clinical rotations can be fun but figuring out which are the best resources is tough! Here, we have favorite books and links for each specialty!

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Elizabeth in the Operating Room, Physician Assistant

A Day in the Life of a Vascular and Thoracic Surgery PA: Elizabeth Dryden, PA-C

OH my PA friends, you are in for a treat. Today, my former PA school colleague, Elizabeth Dryden (formerly Diebert...

10 Tips To Help You Survive Working Night Shift

10 Tips To Help You Survive Working Night Shift

Podcast Episode 3: 10 Tips To Help You Survive Working Night Shift Night shift.. you either embrace it or loathe...

Pediatric Diversity Resources

As a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant (PA), mother, and parent, I have been looking for resources on HOW to...

Unity in Healthcare Webinar

Unity in Healthcare Webinar

The Conversation Has Officially Started.. In June of 2020, some AMAZING and EMPOWERED PAs discussed topics including race, diversity, and...