MyPAbox, A Tool Empowering Pre-PAs

Choosing a Physician Assistant Program Can Be Tough

Are you a Pre-PA student who is struggling with how to choose a physician assistant program due to the overwhelming number of options? Maybe you don’t have the minimum “patient care experience” hours some schools require .. should you still apply to PA school this year? If so, then which one? And what about the other aspects of applying to PA school? Should you take a certain class over to raise your CASPA GPA or should you take a graduate-level class instead? Pre-PAs are tasked with logging shadowing hours, keeping track of their science GPA, getting letters of recommendation, it can be a lot to ask!

The “excel” spreadsheet has always been the solution but honestly, it’s so time-consuming to create and has to be updated annually!

Jacob and Sharjeel are two PAs who developed a solution. When we interviewed Jacob, he mentioned that they created myPAbox to solve so many of these problems and we’ve partnered with them to make life easier for Pre-PAs and give them the tools they need to succeed! This tool has a clean modern look with an interface that’s easy to use.  They spent two years in development and their attention to detail shows. 

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Use the code “empoweredpas” for 15% off the annual subscription rate!

Yes, You Get Rid of that Excel Spreadsheet!

MyPAbox Helps You Decide What The Best Physician Assistant School Is For You

EmpoweredPAs is all about supporting PAs, no matter what phase of career they are in, and MyPAbox really has made a huge difference for how Pre-PAs will be able to search for schools!

  • All the PA schools in the US in one place
  • Easily call, email, get the address and visit the PA program’s website 
  • View general information for the program such as tuition, PANCE pass rate, accreditation status
  • View upcoming deadline dates and supplemental application deadline dates
  • View all required and recommended admission criteria such as degree, minimum GPA, prerequisites, healthcare/patient care experience, PA shadowing hours, letters of recommendations, GRE requirements, and English proficiency exams (International students)

The Physician Assistant School Match Feature Helps You Narrow Down Your Choices

Want to only look for programs in one state, or only those who accept a specific GPA, or GRE? The School Match feature helps you fine-tune your search very easily!

  • Search Physician Assistant programs by state
  • Match Physician Assistant schools by inputting your stats like GPA, healthcare experience, pa shadowing hours, GRE and much more.
  • Get recommended PA schools which you have a higher chance of getting accepted to based on your stats  

This tool has a clean modern look with an interface that’s easy to use.  They spent two years in development and their attention to detail shows. 


Be CASPA Ready

We love their other Dashboard Features:

  • Save your PA schools and easily track of completed and pending requirements 
  • Keep track of your completed and planned prerequisites 
  • Built-in college and CASPA GPA calculator 
  • Log your PA shadowing Hours and contact information for the PA’s you shadowed
  • Log your healthcare/patient care experience and completed certifications 
  • Keep track of your letters of recommendations and contact information for your evaluators
  • Input all your exams required for PA schools such as GRE and CASPer

Are you ready to apply to PA School? 

I absolutely love the tool that Jacob and Sharjeel have put together. It’s a great use of technology to help Pre-PAs get into PA school. Because of this, I partnered with them as a to give the EmpoweredPAs community an amazing opportunity, while also supporting the EmpoweredPAs website. They have offered to give readers 15% off the annual subscription rate.. which is huge! The code is an affiliate code, therefore you’ll also be supporting the EmpoweredPAs website at the same time.

Use the code “empoweredpas” for 15% off the annual subscription rate!

Jacob Physician Assistant Empowered PAs


We continue PA Week 2019 celebrations and today, I’m so excited to introduce another awesome PA for our leadership series! “Leadership” is defined as “the action of leading a group or organization” and this PA lives up to the challenge. In addition to working as an orthopedic and pain management PA..

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The founders of MyPABox will be giving a $500 Scholarship to one lucky/creative/entertaining winner! You may remember Jacob’s interview about being a PA!


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