A Tool Empowering Pre-PAs!

Do you know any Pre-PAs who are struggling to choose a PA program due to the overwhelming number of options? Maybe they don’t have as many “patient care experience” hours as they’d like.. should they still apply to PA school this year? If so, then which one? The “excel” spreadsheet has always been the solution but honestly it’s so time consuming to create and has to be updated annually!

And what about the rest of the part of applying? Pre-PAs are tasked with logging shadowing hours, keeping track of their science GPA, getting letters of recommendation, it can be a lot to ask!

Jacob and Sharjeel are two PAs who developed a solution. They created myPAbox to solve so many of these problems and we’ve partnered with them to make life easier for Pre-PAs and give them the tools they need to succeed! This tool has a clean modern look with an interface that’s easy to use.  They spent two years in development and their attention to detail shows. 

You’ll get 15% off by using the code “empoweredpas”



Are you ready for PA School? Use the code “empoweredpas” for 15% off the annual subscription rate!

Get Rid of that Excel Spreadsheet!

Search PA Schools

  • All the PA schools in the US in one place
  • Easily call, email, get the address and visit the PA program’s website 
  • View general information for the program such as tuition, PANCE pass rate, accreditation status
  • View upcoming deadline dates and supplemental application deadline dates
  • View all required and recommended admission criteria such as degree, minimum GPA, prerequisites, healthcare/patient care experience, PA shadowing hours, letters of recommendations, GRE requirements, and English proficiency exams (International students)

School Match Feature

  • Search PA programs by state
  • Match PA schools by inputting your stats like GPA, healthcare experience, pa shadowing hours, GRE and much more.
  • Get recommended PA schools which you have a higher chance of getting accepted to based on your stats  

Be CASPA Ready

Dashboard Features:

  • Save your PA schools and easily track of completed and pending requirements 
  • Keep track of your completed and planned prerequisites 
  • Built-in college and CASPA GPA calculator 
  • Log your PA shadowing Hours and contact information for the PA’s you shadowed
  • Log your healthcare/patient care experience and completed certifications 
  • Keep track of your letters of recommendations and contact information for your evaluators
  • Input all your exams required for PA schools such as GRE and CASPer

Are you ready for PA School? Use the code “empoweredpas” for 15% off the annual subscription rate!