Primary Care/Family Medicine

Primary care medicine has evolved over the years. Here are some great tools to help PAs be successful while working in a primary care setting:


Maxwell’s Quick Reference is a cheap and simple guide for those who only want the basics!

Tarascon is the classic reference guide for all medication dosing

Elemental Medicine 

a quick read and helps fill in the gaps on lab intepretation

Harriet Lane is the go to resource for all things pediatrics


Lab Tests Online

A great place to look up tests by type or by diagnoses


Many medical calculators in one place. Creat Clearance, CHADs scores and more.


A place to review chest xrays and other imaging

CME 4 Life

CMEs created by a PA for PAs! Both online and live CMEs

CDC Vaccine Schedule APP

A great mobile APP to help you keep track of pediatric vaccine schedules


Evidence based free resources for all things ortho!

Primary Care PA Interviews:

A Day in the Life of a Primary Care/Urgent Care PA: Eve Massarsky, PA-C

This is the first of a new interview series! Our “A Day in the Life of a PA” series will include PAs from all different backgrounds and specialties. One of the best things about being a PA is that we can change specialties easily. This series will highlight the everyday life of a PA in their field, and hopefully, will answer some questions for those looking to learn about different specialties.

Eve and I go way (wayyyyy) back to PA school! We attended the UF PA program together and have kept in contact since. She currently works in a primary and urgent care setting and was so awesome to share her experience and give PAs a little insight into what it’s like to work in a family practice. She is one of the most energetic and caring people, I’m excited to share her story with you … Continue reading