Nonclinical Roles for PAs

Nonclinical Roles for PAs

Did you know that the role of a physician assistant (PA) is not limited to practicing medicine? The PA profession is incredibly versatile! Many PAs work in a variety of settings away from the bedside which allows for more flexibility and reduction in PA burnout symptoms. We have lots of articles and even made our webinar video available to you here as well. Below you will find articles and how to access our nonclinical webinars! If you want updates on these events, join our mailing list- we never share your email because we hate spam too. Enjoy!


Different Roles for PAs in a Nonclinical Setting

Did you know that PAs (Physician Assistants/Physician Associates) are VERY well suited to work in roles outside of bedside clinical patient care? My friend and PA colleague, Michelle and I talk about it all the time…She works as an MSL and I work in Patient Safety and Quality. When we recently discussed, she mentioned maybe creating a few videos to help introduce the idea and has been gracious enough to create these videos for you all! So HUGE thank you to her… READ MORE

Nonclinical Roles for PAs: Michelle Lim, PA-C, Medical Science Liaison

If you are a physician assistant looking for a nonclinical role that is clinically challenging, engages you with other medical professionals, allows travel, yet is still flexible, get comfy because we have a TON to unpack here! Michelle Lim is an amazing PA whom I connected with while in one of my favorite PA networking groups, PA Moms. She mentioned she was an MSL and I’m pretty sure I blew up her Facebook Messenger… READ MORE

Most Useful Resources for Non Clinical Careers

My friend Jordan is the co-founder of ModernMedEd and is an awesome advocate for nonclinical work! His post on the subject is full of great advice.

Webinar Replays:

Nonclinical Opportunities for PAs & MSL


Listen as we chat about why PAs and other healthcare providers may be interested in working in nonclinical roles, what those roles might be, and how to start moving into that space! You’ll hear from a PA working in quality improvement, and how she made the transition from emergency medicine into QI.

  • Why PAs benefit from working in nonclinical roles
  • What types of nonclinical opportunities are out there (big picture)
  • How to start your career in a nonclinical role and what the next steps are 


Join Michelle Lim, a PA-C and MSL as she discusses her journey to becoming an MSL and gives tips on how you can start working in the industry!

There’s a small fee to watch the webinars that helps cover the platform, but you will get LIFETIME ACCESS means you’ll be able to go back and rewatch whenever you want! This also includes access to future new content we add such as worksheets and videos (coming soon)!

Nonclinical Roles with Kasey D’Amato

Thankful to chat with Kasey from CPAC about some of the high-level nonclinical opportunities out there for PAs and HOW PAs can leverage their passion!

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