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Are you interested in advancing your career as a PA or are you a new graduate looking for great PA resources? Are you switching specialties and aren’t sure where to start? If these topics interest you, bookmark this page! There are several articles such as the PA Leadership series and A Day in the Life series that you may find interesting!

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Emergency Medicine

Practicing PA Articles

Physician Assistants, It’s Time for a Change

Physician Assistants, It’s Time for a Change

My dear PA friends, I’m tired. I know you all feel me. You are tired too. We all work as...

A Day in the Life of an Interventional Radiology PA: Edward Mathes, PA-C

If you love procedures, pay attention. Edward Mathes is a PA who works in the field of Interventional Radiology (IR)...

PA Leadership Series: Jennifer Orozco, PA-C

I’m SOOO excited to introduce this next person! Jennifer Orozco is the Director of Advanced Practice Providers at Rush University,...

PA Leadership Series: Afton Heitzenrater, PA-C

I’m excited to continue posting for our PA Leadership Blog series. Afton is an amazing PA leader as well as...

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