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The mission of Empowered PAs is to serve as the online resource for physician assistants to engage, advocate, learn, and grow all phases of their career. We hope to inspire PAs to reach professional goals by sharing experiences, creating a community, and products that are motivating, creative, and innovative.

My name is Courtney, I’m a practicing pediatric emergency medicine PA, mommy, wife, paramedic and coffee snob enthusiast.

My Story:

When I graduated from the amazing Physician Assistant program I was lucky enough to attend, I quickly realized that life as a PA student and life as a practicing PA were very different. As I acclimated to my new career, I was faced with struggles I’d never considered: how to handle the pressures of time management, work-life balance, how to incorporate evidence-based medicine into my daily practice, hospital politics, APP (Advance Practice Provider) leadership, and seeking my own leadership track. These topics all came at different times in my career yet each time I tried to find a resource I was surprised to find that it was usually only our AAPA (American Academy of Physician Assistants) and state PA groups that chimed in on these topics. I joined Facebook groups, and other social media platforms such as InstagramTwitter and Pinterest in search of other PAs who may have similar struggles.

This site was born out of a passion to promote our amazing career and support those who continue to work on the front lines of the profession. I believe that in order to advance our profession, we need to be on the front lines of leadership at the clinic, hospital, state and national levels. If PAs are at the table, making executive-level decisions, we can positively impact the advancement of our profession, improve patient care by supporting the staff taking care of those patients and increase awareness and recognition about the care Physician Assistants can provide. Historically, PAs are clinically well trained for working at the bedside. However, PAs don’t always have the skills needed for professional growth which includes leadership basics as well as “soft skills”. My goal is to help you succeed in your practice to increase awareness and become “Empowered PAs”. 

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-Courtney, PA-C, MPAS, EMT-P