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Physician Assistant, Estie Lab Coat from Medelita

If you’ve found your way to this page, I hope it means you’ve enjoyed the website!

When it was first developed, Empowered PAs was a place to inspire and support Physician Assistants and Physician Associates in all phases of their career. Since then, countless interviews, articles and podcast episodes have been published all with the same goal, to Empower PAs.

Running a website, unfortunately, takes time and money, and in order to grow, deliver more content, and build a better platform, we need a supportive audience.

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Currently, we collaborate with the following companies’ ambassador programs:

  • MyPABox– a tool Empowering Pre-PAs to get organized and be ready for their CASPA application
  • Medelita Lab Coats and Scrubs, their embroidery is top-notch, and attention to detail is fantastic.. plus they use stretch fabric which is super comfortable.

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