Exciting News for EmpoweredPAs!

Empowered PAs Physician Assistant Podcast

We are expanding the EmpoweredPAs team.. AGAIN!

I am SOOOOOO excited to finally have the word out.. You may recall we recently announced that Becky joined the team and now I’m happy to announce that we have Christopher Watson who has officially joined our EmpoweredPAs team too!

Chris is a practicing Orthopedic PA-C with a passion for leadership and advocacy. He has a LOT of amazing experience, ideas and enthusiasm he brings to the site and I’m SOOO excited to have him join us! He has a lot to say and share with the community and is keen to spark conversation and dialogue around tough topics.

I have to be honest, medicine is really hard right now, and it makes my heart SOO happy to see others as passionate about the PA profession as I am. I make no promises, but I hope by tripling the team we can have more regular content out for you, and bonus, from a variety of voices! Becky is at the beginning of her career, and Chris and I are more mid career PAs.. both with clinical experience. Chris has leadership and advocacy experience while I have administrative and nonclinical experience. Together I hope we can help support YOU through your career as a PA, no matter where you are at. Building a community starts with a team of passionate people and I believe this is a step in the right direction!

If you are reading this I just want to say THANKS for supporting EmpoweredPAs.

Bear with us as we all navigate the world of working in medicine during a pandemic while also staying on top of posts! Lots of great things to come! If you haven’t already, consider signing up to our newsletter. It’s been dormant for a while.. hopefully we can apply the pads and do a little defib 🙂

You might see more of us on our Youtube page too as we hope to record and post videos along the way. The three of us are pretty active on instagram (links below). If you ever feel inclined to support EmpoweredPAs, watch our previous virtual shadowing events, get certificates for previous events OR join our monthly PA-C/ PA-S/Pre-PA community zoom calls go to: Patreon.com/EmpoweredPAs

Courtney, Chris and Becky

Physician Assistant, Owner and Blogger at EmpoweredPAs.com. Currently practicing in a Pediatric Emergency Department, overseeing and developing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines with teams of amazing people, supporting and mentoring Pre-PA and PA Students, with a hope to advance our profession and give PAs the tools and resouces they need to advance their careers.