Happy PA Week 2019!

Today, October 6th officially kicks off PA week and we, at EmpoweredPAs are beyond excited! There is so much to celebrate, so much to share, but first, I want to let you in on a little secret… we will be posting four awesome giveaways this week, starting with today! Follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as we celebrate with live posts, share other giveaways and show the world how amazing our profession is!

I’m actually really glad that PA week is in October, as it happens to coincide with a very special date for me. Early one morning, in a hotel in Gainesville on October 7th, 2008, I stood in front of a mirror as I got dressed and ready for my PA school interview with the University of Florida. I was nervous, but it was at that very moment in time that I was so sure, no matter what the outcome of the interview, that I was going to become a PA. I would continue to interview until my heels bled and my clothes wore thin.

It’s been this drive and passion that kept me going through PA school, even though I was physically separated from everything I’d ever known. My husband had to stay back in our hometown due to work and I struggled with the transition. I was immediately immersed in an intense world of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and all the other courses that made up our program. Our class quickly bonded and though I found that PA school was challenging, the support I had throughout those two years helped get me through those difficult times. I really enjoyed most of my clinical rotations and had a job in emergency medicine lined up for me after graduation.

UF PA class of 2011

As I look back to PA school, I remember the transition that happened. I had to train my brain to go from being a paramedic to being a provider. I had to step into a role, fresh out of PA school, with the confidence that I would care for our patients as though they were my family. I had to learn humility, strength, and compassion and most of all I had to find my way as a PA.

Now, almost 11 years after that day, I can tell you that I do not have any regrets. I’ve moved on to pediatric emergency medicine and an administrative role but the passion and drive are still absolutely what motivates me. Our profession has some challenges, but I am so thankful to be allowed to fight them, as a practicing PA. I worked hard for those letters, especially that “C”, and I bet you did (or will!) too!

With all that said, it’s time for a giveaway!

Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Update: Giveaway is Closed!

You’ve asked and we answered! This first giveaway is for everyone! Why Amazon? PAs are incredibly busy and on more than one occasion I have professed my love for Amazon.com and today is no different. If I can buy audiobooks, music, and movies, find a housekeeper, order diapers then ship a gift to a friend, all from home, and with ease, I’m in (and I bet you are too!). You simply can’t go wrong with a gift card.. and so today could be your day!

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