Welcome to the EmpoweredPAs.com Podcast!

Welcome to the Podcast!

I’m SOOOOOO Excited to introduce you all to the EmpoweredPAs.com Podcast! Physician Assistants and Physician Associates all over the world are expanding their roles into nonclinical realms and so, I thought it was time to add dialogue to the blog. In this first episode, I introduce myself and give a little background on the website, why I’m passionate about PAs and what this little podcast is all about. It’s short and sweet, without frills bells or whistles but should give you an idea of what to expect in the up and coming episodes.

EmpoweredPAs.com Podcast Ep 1: Welcome

Show Notes:

Courtney T., PA-C, EMT-P EmpoweredPAs.com Podcast Host(ess)

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Empowered PAs Physician Assistant Podcast

EmpoweredPAs.com Podcast Ep 1: Welcome!

Physician Assistant, Owner and Blogger at EmpoweredPAs.com. Currently practicing in a Pediatric Emergency Department, overseeing and developing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines with teams of amazing people, supporting and mentoring Pre-PA and PA Students, with a hope to advance our profession and give PAs the tools and resouces they need to advance their careers.