PA Associations

Below is a list of every PA association that I am currently aware of. Each link is a great resource for job listings, local salary information. In addition to all the state chapters, I’ve listed the military and public service branches, as well as some international associations.

In the US, the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) is the nationally recognized PA association, every state has a chapter.

AAPA- American Academy of Physician Assistants

Individual State Chapters:



ASAPA- Arizona

ARAPA- Arkansas

CAPA- California

CAPA- Colorado

ConnAPA- Connecticut


DCAPA- District of Columbia

FAPA- Florida

GAPA- Georgia








LAPA- Louisiana

MEAPA- Maine

MAPA- Maryland

MAPA- Massachusetts

MAPA- Michigan

MAPA- Minnesota

MAPA- Mississippi

MOAPA- Missouri

MTAPA- Montana (website temporarily down)


NAPA- Nevada

NHSPA- New Hampshire

NJSSPA- New Jersey

NMAPA- New Mexico

NYSSPA- New York

NCAPA- North Carolina

NDAPA- North Dakota

OAPA- Ohio

OAPA- Oklahoma

OSPA- Oregon

PSPA- Pennsylvania

RIAPA- Rhode Island

SCAPA- South Carolina

SDAPA- South Dakota

TAPA- Tennessee

TAPA- Texas

UAPA- Utah

PAAV- Vermont

VAPA- Virginia

WAPA- Washington

WVAPA- West Virginia

WAPA- Wisconsin

WAPA- Wyoming

Other US PA Associations:

Society of Air Force PAs

Society of Army PAs

Navy PAs

Public Health Service Academy of PAs (USPHS, USCG, and federally employed PAs)

US Virgin Islands (email only)

Veterans Affairs PA Association

International Associations:

New Zealand Physician Associate Society

Australian Society of Physician Assistants

UK- Faculty of Physician Associates- Royal College of Physicians

Canadian Association of Physician Assistants

Did we miss a PA association? Contact us with the name and website and we will add it!

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