PA Week 2020!

PA Week 2020!

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Happy PA Week! Every year from October 6th-12th we celebrate our profession! National PA Day is October 6th and is also the birthday of the founder of our profession, Dr. Eugene Stead, Jr.

This Year…

This year has been tough, but I have to say, I couldn’t be MORE PROUD of our profession. PAs have really stepped up and shown our versatility in the face of a pandemic. We have pivoted into different roles, changed departments and specialties, and really shown our true colors. We are HERE for our patients whenever and wherever we are needed.

This year the blog looks a little different too. I haven’t been the posting machine I wanted to be. The stress of a sick parent, uncertain financial states, working in the ER during a pandemic while also helping with online learning, and the constant change has been hard. Personally, I’ve been working on my own self-care, prioritizing my mental and physical health over the work for EmpoweredPAs. It’s been hard to let some things go, but it’s been important.

With that said, this will be the only post for the week so I wanted to share some resources! And pssst, there are GIVEAWAYS posted below!

Happy PA Week!


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PA Week Graphics & Videos to Share: AAPA

You might even recognize some people at 1min 20 seconds! Check us out.. I’m in the upper right-hand corner AND Nicole in the lower right-hand corner!

I’m really happy to see that the AAPA put together a graphics and video sharing page for you to post to social media at https://www.aapa.org/events/pa-week/#tabs-4-pa-week-resources ! It is sooo important to share these graphics and show off your PA pride! It helps spread awareness about what we do and who we are!

You can see more of AAPA’s PA Week graphics HERE

If your employer or your city or state doesn’t formally recognize PA week, AAPA also has some info HERE to help you request a PA week proclamation!

Show Off Your PA Pride With Empowered PAs Gear

If you are looking for something to celebrate the week with, we have you covered! From shirts to stickers, Pre-PAs to seasoned PAs, our EmpoweredPAs Shop has a little something for everyone.

Articles Empowering PAs:

More Inspiring PA Articles & Resources:

GIVEWAWAYS ARE CLOSED! Winners Announced Below!

Know what’s super fun? GIVEAWAYS! I work most of this week so I had to keep it easy- all the giveaway entries are in ONE SPOT this year 🙂 You are welcome! Happy PA Week!

My PA Box Giveaway Winner: Gayathri Hettiarachchi

If you are a Pre-PA student who will be applying to CASPA next cycle, you DEFINITELY want to know about MyPAbox! Two very thoughtful PAs developed an amazing tool which has many awesome features, but the BEST (IMO) is that it eliminates that excel spreadsheet by it’s PA school search function. You can search by state, GPA or GRE scores, save your favorites and keep track of pending requirements. It’s AWESOME and I’m so glad to work with them and give a subscription away for FREE! If you aren’t the winner you can still get 15% off using the code “EMPOWEREDPAS”.

Empowered PAs Mug Giveaway Winners: Sharon Shadani, Shannon Pedone, Kimberly Sapre

It’s kind of my favorite motto- and always makes a good pen holder! Three winners will get this fun mug shipped to their door this year!

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Winner: Nhuan Nguyen

I mean, who doesn’t love Amazon? Get $50 to splurge on your favorite PA Gear, book,

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