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As a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant (PA), mother, and parent, I have been looking for resources on HOW to have discussions with my children about diversity, inclusion, and specifically, how to approach the conversation about protests and current movements in our country. I also wanted to provide patients’ families with some age-appropriate resources. My pediatric patients vary in age, race, and ethnicity, and the parents of our patients are likely asking the same questions I am. I also feel it is my responsibility to help educate my own young children, so I went looking for help.

I stumbled across these resources and wanted to share them, not only to EMPOWER PAs, who care for pediatric patients but also to the mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings, cousins, and friends of the children we care for. Obviously, they are not all-inclusive, and are not the only resources out there, nor are they the BEST resources out there. The topic of civil rights is multifaceted, layered by hundreds of years of history, complicated by many, many things. I cannot presume one post on this blog will make a huge difference, but it is a start.

Our children know something is happening. They can feel the tension, and emotions in our homes. Sometimes, they see screenshots, videos, or images of protests and are confused when we, as parents, caregivers, or providers struggle to answer the most basic questions out there. I hope these resources are helpful and I want to recognize that I might get something wrong in my efforts. Please, if you have another resource to add, please reach out on our social media or send an email to info@empoweredpas.com and I would love to add to it.


Raising Little Allies-to-Be:

This beautiful document was created by wonder and wonder studio for @kisforkindness.klub and is an AMAZING tool to help parents and caregivers of young children talk about diversity. This FREE DOWNLOADABLE PDF (no strings attached) is 31 pages and full of coloring pages, cutting pages, painting pages for littles. All credit goes to the creator of the product!

Sesame Street Town Hall Video

This town hall was hosted on CNN and is great for parents and children to watch. It begins with some favorite characters and is simple, but honest. I was also pleased to see an interview with Dr. Nia Heard-Garris with the American Academy of Pediatrics weigh in on how to have these discussions with our children.

“Not all streets are like Sesame Street”

Louie, to his son Elmo

Kids’ Books on Diversity

Here is a Pinterest board with a few books with great messages, or important stories that can help parents work through some of the discussions about racism, diversity, protesting.

Other Articles on Racism

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