PA Resources

PA Resources

PA Associations

A list of all the PA Associations within the US and around the world that I know of.

PA Specialties

ER, Pediatrics, Neurology/Neurosurgery, and Family Medicine

Nonclinical PA Roles

For PAs working away from the bedside


Wondering when our next webinar is?

Other Links

PA Books

Recommended books for PAs, PA students and Pre-PAs

PAs in Social Media

Only the best list of Facebook, Twitter, IG, and Youtube PAs

PA Career Support

CME resources, resume/CV editing, White Coats and apparel


For those who are interested in becoming a PA or learning about what PAs do, what type of education they get etc.

PA Students

For those who are currently in a PA program

Practicing PAs

For those PAs out in practice who are looking for relevant resources regarding evidence-based practice, leadership roles, tips on how to advance your career, etc.