Congratulations on being accepted into PA School!

This is such an EXCITING time! I know you are elated but if you are anything like me, also really, REALLY nervous!

I know when I found out I would be attending the University of Florida’s PA program, I was so excited I could barely contain myself… and then, INSTANTLY, I wanted to be prepared as possible. I reviewed some of my anatomy and physiology and biochemistry books from undergrad but really didn’t know what was important, and what wasn’t. Everyone told me not to worry about studying until PA school started, but I had 8 months until then and I wanted to keep my mind fresh.

Of course, back then, everything worked itself out, but I always wanted to help Pre-PAs or newly accepted PA students prepare in the way I wanted to be prepared.

I recently spoke to John Bielinski about his new “Pre-PA Kickstart Program”, I just KNEW there would be students interested. John has always supported EmpoweredPAs from the very beginning and so I’m happy to share this awesome program with you, and you can watch the first video FREE below!

PAs are a pretty hard-working group.. and that goes for PA Students and Pre-PAs too! I know I worked my tail off to be prepared in every way, for my GRE test, for CASPA, and for PA Program interviews. I also know I would have LOVED to have a program like this prior to starting PA school.

If that sounds familiar, you are going to love what John and his team at CME 4 Life have put together.

The Pre-PA Kickstart program includes five videos, which are basically a “primer” reviewing the important (and often missed) concepts, time management and study techniques while in PA School. The program also includes an awesome little book called “Surviving PA School” that he offers in conjunction with the video series if you are interested! It’s a quick read and gives some great advice on how to study and time management, amongst many other topics. There is also a PDF Workbook to help move you through the materials!

Do you need to watch videos or read books to graduate from your PA program? Of course not. BUT if you are the kind of person who likes to prepare early OR if you need to see or hear something multiple times, the videos are definitely for you. I’ve watched them, and even as a practicing PA I appreciated the content John reviewed.

If you are looking for something to study RIGHT NOW, I absolutely recommend this program. I asked Pre-PAs to review the videos and the book, and after hearing from them, there is definitely a value in having this Pre-PA Kickstart Program. Go check them out and if you can, let them know EmpoweredPAs sent you!


Not Sure if it's for you? Watch video 1 of 5

If you still aren’t sure, take the next 45 minutes, and EMPOWER yourself! This is the first video in the series and is completely FREE to watch here! 

Youtube Video


What’s Included?

  • Book: Surviving PA School, 2nd Edition

Unlock the secrets you need to know to excel as a physician assistant student (PA-S).

  • 5 Hours of Videos: USB flash drive and streaming access

Learn the inside knowledge and key components you can expect in PA school.

  • Workbook: 112 page full-color PDF


Ready to Kickstart Your Career?

Mention “EmpoweredPAs” when you purchase! John and his team are looking out for you!


What are Pre-PAs saying about the Pre-PA Kickstart Program?

  • "I liked how there were mnemonics For important concepts and the teacher was very engaging and not boring!"
    Mitasha P, Pre-PAKickstart Videos
  • The book is like having a valuable friend who has made it through PA school successfully and is willing to offer any advice to any question you may have, that fits right in your very own pocket.
    Nicholas L, Pre-PASurviving PA School Book
  • The video series makes difficult concepts accessible, even before you attend PA school!
    Hailey W, PA StudentPre-PA Kickstart Program
  • It’s a course geared towards students who want to get a head start before PA School starts.
    Mitasha P, Pre-PAPre-PA Kickstart Program
  • I just started my PA program, and I passed my first round of exams, but barely! This book came just in the knick of time so I could focus my study strategies, and my second round of exams went much better! I also feel much more prepared for my clinical year and prepping for the PANCE!
    Hailey W, PA StudentSurviving PA School Book
  • I appreciated the study tips to help us budget our time more efficiently and still cover all the material on our own, and just how every little detail that can help us get used to PA school sooner is covered.
    Nicholas L, Pre-PASurviving PA School Book