A 2018 PA Holiday Gift Buying Guide!

Stuck on what to give your favorite PA for the holidays? I’ve put together a little holiday PA wish list to help you out! Fair warning, I’m a great lover of all things Amazon  (I can order things from my phone? Yes please!) and since they will ship directly to you, you will love them too 🙂

Gifts For the New Graduate PA:

A Practice Suture Kit- I love this suture kit, especially for new graduate PAs working in urgent care or the ER. (Click on the photos for the link!)

Don’t forget to get sutures also!

A clipboard the fits in a white coat- seriously, this was my prized possession while in PA school (and when I graduated). There are handy tables on it too!

Every Day PA Tools

Trauma Shears For the ER PA– this pair has a clip that keeps them handy (and from getting lost in your bag of plenty)

Littman Master Cardiology Stethoscope- This is my hands-down favorite stethoscope. It’s so special, it’s like a child to me. I once had to use my husbands stethoscope when I sent mine in for maintenance and was so happy to get it back. If your favorite PA needs a good stethoscope, look no further!

Stethoscope Name Tag- An engraved nametag means when your favorite PA forgets their stethoscope in room 3, someone will actually return it instead of placing it in a drawer!

An Otoscope for Home- PAs with kids are always wondering why they ever got rid of their otoscope from PA school! I bought this and use it regularly. The light source is exactly right and it fits normal otoscope covers.


Give the Gift of Time.

PAs are often so busy, simple tasks like grocery shopping or pleasures like reading a book can be daunting! Give them gifts that could help them save time, like food delivery or a subscription to an audio book service. My favorites are:

  • Audible – Many PAs have a long commute to work, the ease of Audible has really made audiobooks accessible on the go and has finally allowed me to “read” some of my favorite classics, while also getting in some great non fiction (the TED Talks book was amazing). Give your favorite PA this gift, and you won’t regret it.

  • Amazon Fresh or Amazon Prime Pantry- if your favorite PA is anything like me, grocery shopping is one chore I don’t mind, but never really have time for! Grocery Delivery is a new and amazing time saver! They’ll thank you, I’m sure of it!

      • Amazon Services- Imagine getting the gift of a clean house! Or someone to fix that cabinet door! The people offering their services get rated just like amazon products do, so you know what you are getting. Genius, and seriously, the best. gift. ever.

Not A PA Yet? We have your gifts covered!

PA School Interview Guide- So we are probably biased, but this is a great resource for Pre-PA students who are applying to CASPA next year! You can read Savanna Perry’s great post here.

Surviving PA School– John Bielinski has done a great job, and provides a fantastic plan and insight for those who were accepted to PA school, which will help them get through the toughest 2 years of their life. You can see his interview here!

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